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I am an experienced North Carolina Lemon Law attorney who can help you force car manufacturers to buyback or replace defective automobiles under the NC Lemon Law.

Greensboro, NC is the 2nd largest city in the state of North Carolina. Greensboro is located in Gilford County and is the city is part of what is called the Triad region in the piedmont section of the state.

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Ask a Greensboro Lemon law Lawyer, About Defective and Dangerous Vehicles and the North Carolina Lemon Law

Does my vehicle qualify under the North Carolina Lemon Law?

Under the North Carolina Lemon Law, a vehicle which was purchased and licensed in North Carolina qualifies for replacement or repurchase when it has a defect that substantially impairs its value and that the manufacturer has been unable to repair after a reasonable number of attempts as described below. The defect must occur within the warranty period and the first 24 months or 24,000 miles of ownership, whichever occurs first. The 2 years or 24,000 miles is not a deadline for bringing the case, just the time period when the first defect has to occur.

What is a “reasonable number of attempts” under the North Carolina Lemon Law?

A manufacturer must have had the opportunity to repair your vehicle four times for the same defect to qualify to be a lemon.  Alternatively, this can be met if the vehicle has been out of service for repairs for 20 or more cumulative business days during a one year period of the warranty for one defect or a series of different defects. In either case, the car manufacturer must be given written notice that the fourth repair attempt is the final repair and if that final attempt fails, the car manufacturer should buyback the car or replace the car with a similar new vehicle.

We as NC Lemon Law attorneys know how to give proper notice to force the final repair attempt.

If my vehicle qualifies, what could I be entitled to under the Lemon Law?

A consumer has the choice of replacement  with a comparable new vehicle at no cost to the consumer or a buyback. A buyback is calculated according to the NC New Motor Vehicle Warranty Act which we understand and can interpret correctly for the consumer. The manufacturer may be allowed a deduction for usage on a buyback but not for a replacement.  Sometimes, the auto manufacturer will offer the consumer a cash settlement with the remaining warranty still in effect.

What are common tactics manufacturers use to avoid liability under the North Carolina Lemon Law?

They claim you do not have the right number of repair attempts. You must have repair orders for each repair attempt with the defect or complaint properly described. Use the same language for each repair order for the same defect. Make sure the repair order shows the correct number of days the vehicle has been in the shop for repairs.

They claim the defect never existed or not the same defect. Always complain about the same problem using the same description and insist it is written on the repair order by the dealer’s service rep.

They claim the defect is not substantial. The defect must be substantial as to cost of repairs, downtime and issues of safety and diminished value.

The consumer abused or neglected the vehicle.

Out of State Law Firms:

North Carolina Lemon Law and automobile warranty cases sometimes require that a case be filed here in North Carolina.  Some national “Lemon Law” firms advertise online, but operate out-of-state, and have no actual office in NC.  If your attorney does not have an office here, the auto manufacturers will know that and you will lack leverage until you hire a firm with a presence in North Carolina.  You should engage a North Carolina lemon law attorney to handle your Lemon Law claim from the start.  Call our office today or submit your information through our online form.

How much will this cost me? How do you get paid?

The lemon laws contain “fee-shifting provisions,” meaning that the manufacturer can be responsible for our attorney fees as an incentive for the auto manufacturers to resolve the lemon law case quickly. The only way in which our firm is paid is if we recover on your claim. If for any reason, we are unable to recover on your claim, you are not responsible to us for anything!

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